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The Top 10 attractions summarized

The attractions are listed in random order and the numerical order is only presented so that the list is easier to read. The Top 10 list provides a brief summary of the most exciting attractions in Leppävirta. In addition to the attractions mentioned in the list, Leppävirta provides various other interesting attarctions. For example, check out more interesting nature attractions here >> 
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1. The central area of Leppävirta

In the proximity of Highway 5 >> 
is located Mansikkaharju Camping and Tourist Center Unnukka with its shops and marina that provides mooring and other services. There are walking paths along the shoreline which lead to the Sport & Spa Hotel Vesileppis. This area provides a wide selection of activities all year round.

2. The church of Leppävirta
The stone church, built in 1846 is the seventh largest Lutheran church in Finland. The church is also a popular concert venue.


3. The bridge of Leppävirta

1,5 km north of the center >>

The Leppävirta Bridge, built in 1965 was the highest arch bridge in Finland at that time. The bridge offers a magnificent view both

to the Leppävirta river and to the center of Leppävirta. The unobstructed overhead clearance of the bridge is an impressive 26 meters.


4. The Konnus canal area

7 km north of the center >>

The Konnus canal area consists of three canals and five sections of rapids. The rapids area features duckboards, docks and a lean-to. The canal restaurant Konnustupa serves visitors.


5. The Leppävirta Local Museum

Almost 3 000 different ethnologically and historically valuable items varying from household items to weapons, and hunting and fishing gear.


6. Adventure park Leppis

An eco-friendly adventure park that has been built among living trees without causing them any damage. The park will be opened in Spring 2017. The park is open even during the winter holidays (weather permitting) and it is open for group reservations all year round.

The park features zip lines, swings, cable bridges, lianas and is suitable for adventurers who are over 130 cm tall.


7. The Orinoro Gorge and Mustinmäki hill
15 km east of the center >>
The Orinoro Gorge is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Savo Region. At the bottom of the 200m long and almost 20m deep Gorge there is a natural spring, and snow and ice remain there as late as June. There's a 7km long hiking trail in the proximity of the gorge and this trail provides an excellent overview of the different types of beautiful nature present in the Savo region. In addition, the trail features a lean-to and a hut where you can enjoy food amongst the beautiful and peaceful nature. The trail also passes Mustinmäki hill and from the top of it, you get a great panoramic view of the surrounding area.


8. Sorsavesi
15 km west of the center
Ukkokivi, Karhukivet, Kuvajanniemen luola ym.

For independent travelers and paddlers. The untouchable nature and the protected islands are a sight by themselves. The pre-historic rock painting of Ukkokivi Rock The pre-historic rock painting of Ukkokivi Rock and the Kuvajanniemi Cave are located in the northern part of Lake Sorsavesi. The southern part of the lake features, for example, the rugged Linnasaari Island and the massive Karhunkivet Rocks.


9. The Nikkilänmäki Hill and the Museum Road
2 km south of the center >> 

At 155m, Nikkilänmäki provides great views and the Museum road, parallel to Highway 5 is a few kilometers long and portrays a piece of traditional landscape of the Finnish countryside.


10. Ski Arena

Ski Arena is a versatile winter world and it is the largest of its kind in the world and it lies in the bedrock, 30 meters below the hotel Vesileppis reception.

The compound consists of the actual Arena main hall and a tunnel. The total length of the skiing trail is 1,1 km and the Arena’s temperature is approx. -1 ° to -5 °C, depending on the season. Ski Arena is available for lease for sports clubs' regular practice shifts.

The Arena features ski trails for both classic and free-style. You can also kicksled and there’s even room for biathlon training.

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