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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find an ATM in Leppävirta?

Osuuspankki is located at Kievarinkatu 1, that is about 50m east from the market place of Leppävirta and Nordea is located at Savonkatu 43, that is right next to the roundabout at the center of Leppävirta.

How can I get to Orinoro, one of the Seven Wonders in the Savo Region?

  • If you're traveling from Leppävirta, drive along Heinävedentie (Road 534) for 15 km, then turn left to Mustinmäentie (there are also Orinoro signs), continue for 900m until you reach a yellow wooden building, the Mustinmäki school from where the trail begins (it's about 3,3km along the trail before you reach the gorge)
  • From the Varkaus-Joensuu Road, turn to the direction of the sign "LEPPÄVIRTA 34 km" (From the Entertainment Center Tulenliekki about 2,3km in the direction of Joensuu, that is east). Then about 19km along Heinävedentie (Road 534); then turn left to Mustinmäentie (there are also Orinoro signs), continue for 900m until you reach a yellow wooden building, the Mustinmäki school from where the trail begins
  • The shortest route to the gorge; from the Mustinmäki school, continue for about 500m along a country road; then turn right to Hanhiahontie. Continue along this road for about 2,3km until you reach a parking lot (not paved) where you should see signs guiding you towards the gorge (a 900m long nature trail to the gorge)
  • The Map for the Hiking Trail can be found here >>

Where can I find a beach?

The official beach of the central area of Leppävirta can be found by walking along the shoreline of Kalmalahti from the Tourist Center Unnukka for about 500m. You cannot access the beach by car, but you can leave your car at the parking lot of Tourist Center Unnukka or at the parking lot at Paasonkalliontie. Other beaches and their coordinates can be found on the website of Vesileppis, on the page "Kunnan liikuntapalvelut". See Excel-file: Uimapaikat.xls (in Finnish). To Vesileppis website >>

Where can I find Alko, the store that sells alcoholic beverages?

Alko is located at Savonkatu 43, 79100 Leppävirta so it's in the same building as Nordea, right next to the roundabout at the heart of Leppävirta.

Where can I find free maps and brochures?

You will find maps and brochures from this website >> 
Printed versions of the maps and brochures can be found from the Tourist Information at the Tourist Center Unnukka at Kalmalahdentie 2, from the city hall at Savonkatu 39 and from the lobby of Sport & Spa Hotel Vesileppis at Vokkolantie, 79100 Leppävirta. Also many of our tourism related service providers have brochures to hand out to their customers

I'd like to access the internet. Where can I use wifi or a computer?

You can use wifi and a computer intended for customers at the Main Library of Leppävirta at Koulutie 4, Leppävirta. Also some restaurants and cafe's offer free wifi for customers, but you should check the up-to-date information from these service providers themselves.

I'd like to call home, but my cell phone plan doesn't work here. How can I call abroad?

You can buy a mobile phone connection at R-kiosks, and you charge your mobile with the amount of call time you want. To start the connection you need a start package. These are available at different prices, depending on the operator. The package contains a SIM card and the phone number as well as the PIN and PUK codes needed. The connection is ready for use when you have inserted the SIM card and keyed in the codes when requested. You can top up your call time at R-kiosks.

In Finland there are no longer any public telephone boxes in use.

My visit in Leppävirta is about to end and I'd like to know about the different public transportation options that I have in leaving Leppävirta?

The most convenient way of getting to Varkaus or Kuopio is by bus. There are connections both to the north and south about 5-15 times per day. You can check out the timetables at The nearest train stations are in Varkaus and Kuopio.

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