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Tourist Information

The Tourist Information of Leppävirta is located in the Tourist Center Unnukka at Kalmalahdentie 2, 79100 Leppävirta. The Tourist Center is right next to Highway 5 and the Lake Unnukka, more specifically at the edge of the Kalmalahti Bay. The Tourist Information provides all available brochures for tourists traveling in Leppävirta and the nearby regions. More travel related information of Leppävirta is available on the touch screen. The Tourist Center Unnukka provides also free Wi-Fi.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send them either through the Contact us button at the bottom right corner of this web page, by email to or in urgent matters you can also reach us by calling +358 (0)44 790 6033 (Mon - Fri at 9 - 16). Also the reception of the Sport & Spa Hotel Vesileppis provides brochures for you, and the staff working at the reception is more than happy to guide you in any travel related questions you might have.

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