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Orinoro Gorge

One of the Seven Wonders in the Savo Region

Orinoro is a narrow gorge with vertical walls, carved by glaciers during the last Ice Age. It is approximately 200 m long, with a maximum depth of almost 20 m. There is a spring at the bottom of the gorge, and snow and ice remain there as late as June.

Demanding or unusual-looking lichen species, such as tree lungwort and Arctic kidney lichen, are also found in the area. The Orinoro Gorge is listed on the list of important geological sites published by the Finnish Geology Research Center. There is an approximately 7km long nature trail that provides excellent examples of typical Finnish nature in its different forms. The trail passes two ponds and a forest lean-to, which provides a comfortable setting to have a break and roast sausages. See the trail map below (pdf-file).

Recommended outfit:
Rubber boots and long trousers; trainers suffice in the dry season.

Things to consider:
There are no safety fences on top of the Orinoro Gorge. The boulders at the bottom of the gorge make the terrain a bit difficult for walking in some places.

Notice! In the winter, there's no trail leading to the gorge so snowshoes are required.

Orinoro trail map >>

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From Leppävirta drive 16 km along Heinävedentie road (road no. 534), turn left onto Mustinmäentie road. Continue onwards for 830 m to the parking lot of Mustinmäki-talo (Mustinmäki community house), address: Mustinmäentie 83. The marked trail to the gorge starts from the yard. The trail is 7 km long, Orinoro is located 3,3 km from the parking lot.

Alternative way to the gorge: from Mustinmäki-talo drive 500 m, turn right onto Hanhiahontie road, drive 2,3 km to the parking lot. The marked trail to the gorge (900 m) starts from the parking lot.

From the Highway 23 (Varkaus-Joensuu) turn at the crossroads with sign “LEPPÄVIRTA 34 km” to Heinävedentie road, continue for 19 km. Turn right onto Mustinmäentie road. Continue ahead for 830 m to the parking lot of Mustinmäki-talo (Mustinmäki community house). The marked nature trail (7 km) starts from the yard. Orinoro is located 3,3 km from the parking lot.

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