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In Leppävirta, you can do independent hiking trips, for example to the many lean-tos of our area.

- Härkäjärvi lean-to >>  about 6 – 7 km west of the town center. You can leave your car at a parking spot and from there it’s about 100-150m to the lean-to.
Coordinates Lon:27.673268° Lat:62.416851°

- Konnus canal area >> 7 km north of the town center.
More information about the Konnus canal area >>

- Kurjenlampi lean-to >>  about 14 km west of the town center, along the Sorsakoski - Varkaus ski trail. 
Coordinates Lon:27.673268° Lat:62.416869°

- Oravikoski lean-to >> 15 km north of the town center, along Highway 5 to north. You can reach the lean-to from behind the Oravikoski school by a trail, or by car from Kivisalmentie. The lean-to is about 100m from the road, next to a power line.
Coordinates Lon:27.598200° Lat:62.589300°.

- The lean-to at the Orinoro nature trail at Mustinmäki >> The start of the nature trail is 16 km east of the town center (Heinävedentie, Mustinmäentie).
More information about Orinoro >>
Coordinates for the lean-to Lon:28.006977° Lat:62.503200°.

- Särkiniemi lean-to >> 10 km north of the center. There is a stop next to the road where you can park your car. To reach the lean-to, follow a path for about 300m.
Coordinates Lon:27.703624° Lat:62.561041°.

The information and coordinates presented on this page are still being confirmed.

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