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Wellness weekend
The wellness weekend includes a facial / pedicure package of your choice and, in advance, the services of a masseur / beautician delivered to the cottage on Saturdays (minimum booking 3 people),
as well as catering supplies for a menu designed by a professional chef, according to your choice.

A relaxing weekend for the couple
Do you want to be free from everyday life, safely and easily in a peaceful environment?
A cottage weekend at Pukkikallio offers an opportunity to take a break from everyday life in the middle of beautiful nature.
You will spend a relaxing weekend with your partner enjoying the tranquility of nature.

Bike trip and sauna for a group of friends
Embark on a bike ride, at the end of which you can go to the sauna and eat firmly! We will take a guided, approx. 2 hour bike ride in the nearby terrain, which ends at Pukkikallio. A warm sauna and a delicious evening meal as well as sauna drinks await you!

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