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Mansikkaharju Holiday Camp

Mansikkaharju Holiday camp,
where the people who work are willing to serve "that much more of the district"

We have wanted to create a cozy and unhurried spirit in Mansikkaharju Holiday Center, from which we have received a lot of positive feedback from customers. It is based on uncomplicated cooperation and taking into account the wishes of customers.

Mansikkaharju enjoys a beautiful and quiet location close to good transport connections and all services of Leppävirta city center are within walking distance.

With us you can stay in the caravan area by caravan or boat. On the cottage side you can stay in a high-quality igloo, landscape or beach villa, equipped beach cottages or traditional camping cottages, as well as tents by the water.

In our main house, which is called HarjuTalo, you can also get a varied breakfast. In addition, we also have our own catering service for various events / meetings.

There is a wonderful setting for the brothers, by Unnukkalahti. Our guest boat harbor has also received the Roope harbor mark.

Come and be surprised positively by the cleanliness and price level of the area, all our hobbies are FREE for our customers e.g. bicycles, boats, kayaks, canoes, “house-sized” bouncy castle, etc. leisure opportunities

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Kalmalahdentie 8
79100 Leppävirta
Puh. 050 598 1481

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