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Welcome to Pukkikallio!
Is this cottage your next vacation destination?
-40m2 Ground floor
- 60m2 upstairs
- 20m2 Sauna facilities
- 20m2 terrace
Ground floor, “living room”

The living room has a comfortable three-seater sofa, footstool and armchair. In addition, an open fireplace where you can burn a fire to create an atmosphere. The living room also has a 140 cm wide double bed. In connection with the room there is a well-equipped kitchen with a “bar table” that can accommodate 6 people at a time to enjoy breakfast. In addition, the kitchen has a worktop that can also be used as a breakfast table. The kitchen also has a wood burning stove if you want to brew your morning coffee in an atmospheric stove.

Sheets and towels are always included in the price of the cottage.

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Hirvolanniementie 165 A,
79255, KURJALA

Sanna Nissinen
+358 405882178

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