The First Cave Ice Carving World Championships (CICWC) in Finland 2017

27 Sep 2016 - 11:00

Competition place: LEPPÄVIRTA in the Middle Finland

Dear icecarvers in the world

We have the pleasure to invite you to the first Cave ice carving world championships. The competition will take place in the picturesque village of Leppävirta. Leppävirta is situated 330 km from Helsinki. Ice carving competition is taken place inside of the large cave - 15 meters below earth. The temperature is in the cave all the time -5C.

TEAM competition / two persons. Participitants from 12 different countries.

Carvers who wish to compete in the World Championships must send a draft (sketch) of the work by december 15. 2016 to the organizers who will then elect the competitors that take part in the competition.
Send the draft to Mr Kimmo Frosti Harapaisentie 18 B 7, 53500 Lappeenranta, Finland.
Kimmo will act as art director for the CICWC.

Theme for the competition: Suomi 100 – Finland 100 years

Competition scedule
Leppävirta:  Monday 13.2.2017 – Saturday 18.2.2017 

Working time 45 hours, arriving in Helsinki 12.2. and departure from Helsinki 19.2.

Every team will have 24 blocks of ice. And one block is 100 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm (natural ice)

Competition prizes for a team:

  • I prize 4 500 euros
  • II prize 3 000 euros
  • III prize 2 000 euros
  • IV - XII, prize 1 000 euros
    Travel costs: The organizer, Jäälinna ry will pay the travelling costs for each competitor from their home country to Finland and return however, up to 250 euros / a competitor, against a ticket.(receipt) Transportation is arranged from Helsinki to Leppävirta on sunday 12.2.  and back to Helsinki on sunday 19.2.
    Accomodation and meals: Jäälinna ry will pay for the accomodation and meals ie breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    The winners and other ranking will be elected by an international jury consisting of persons representing media, visual art, travelling and icecarving. The spectators will choose their favourite.

    Topic 2
    If someone is interested to stay longer in Finland and take part in local competitions we are arranging one event after the CICWC in the Mikkeli city 19.-22.2. (6 teams)

    The prizes in this competition is 1. 1 000€; 2. 600 €; 3. 400€; 4.-6. 300€

    The local organizer will pay for the meals and accomodation during the competition and local journeys in Finland.

    Welcome to Finland     
    Tuomo Jantunen
    phone +358 40 041 7272

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